Back To The Shack

Weezer 2014.12.15 8
Sorry guys, I didn't realize that 
I needed you so much
I thought I'd get a new audience, 
I forgot that disco sucks
I ended up with nobody and I 
started feeling dumb
Maybe I should play the lead guitar
and Pat should play the drums
Take me back, back to the shack
Back to the strat with the 
lightning strap
Kick in the door, more hardcore
Rockin out like it's '94
Let's turn up the radio
Let's turn off those 
stupid singing shows
I know where we need to go:
Back to the shack
I finally settled down with my girl 
and I made up with my dad
I had to go and make a few mistakes 
so I could find out who I am
I'm letting all of these feelings 
out even if it means I fail
Cause this is what I was meant 
to do and you can't put that on sale
We belong in the rock world
There is so much left to do
If we die in obscurity, oh well
At least we raised some hell
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