Claw Of Thrones (Feat. MarQ Beyond & DJ Tiz)

Skinny Chase 2018.08.29 7
Now let me practice
what I preach
I'm cracking jokes as
I defeat you
No need for more reminders
I'm advanced and known
for deep lyrical messages
Signals of God are guiding me
like exodus
Delivery so vivid like
I'm painting on big canvases
I murder MCs
and I'm entitled to my duty
I ain't fucking with you
acting bad and boujee
힙합이 전쟁터면 내가 선두지
Ichiban the permanent
one like the Fugees (Holdup)
I'm not quite finished yet
Your style is incorrect
despite the time that you invest
No matter how thick the shield
I'm stabbing through your chest
Like I scene you can't forget
I'm making moves
you can't protect
Skinny Chase chase a million
Bars are forming like
the colors of chameleon
븅신들은 좌우로 자꾸 두리번
I'm feeling good Jolly
Records la familia

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