Pharmacy (Feat. DJ Vamos)

Skinny Chase 2019.11.06 17
Fill in the blank and 병신 is what I wrote
I f*** with my Koreans
but some are diagnosed
With that b******* disease, 
they keep buying designer clothes
These m*****f****** 
keep lying like comatose

My appetite tonight is ‘play the villain’
Stay in position fake rappers, 
stake is high enough to rub the ceiling
It’s the beginning of confessional threads
Skinny Chase with the cleaver come
and choppin’ your heads

I ordered fries, but the fries
I ordered wasn’t crispy
A couple years in Cali, 
everybody’s Pac and Nipsey
Pac and Nipsey prolly flip in their graves
Fabricated diplomats from
the Home of the Braves are like
“How’s it going yall, I’m blacker than you”
Exactly why Chase 
a better rapper than you…
Release my rusty cleaver leave
 a crack in their tooth
An oversaturated talent 
show turned into a zoo

I spit the proper lingo 
but I keep it oriental
I spit the proper lingo 
but I keep it oriental
Throw a couple gang signs
the marketing is clever
But the only hood you been to
is the back of your sweater

They’ll grab a durag and say,
 “I’m paying homage”
“My soul is too black, 
my actions in compliance”
You over do that,
 you’ll dream of Rookadamus
The king of boombap? 
To be completely honest…
Skinny Chase m************, 
I beg your par…
I beg your par… 
I beg your pardon
I beg your par… 
I beg your par… 
I beg your par… 
Hold up, moment of silence

I’m not pro Asian, or only pro Black
I’m pro integration 
with a solid ground of facts
Kris said it best
“MCs Don’t Know How To Act”
I f*** with my Koreans, 
where the real Koreans at?
These m************ 
tryna represent me

My name is Skinny Chase
I’m about to come correct thee
The microphone is the hallow tip, 
the truth the vaccine
I saw the devil from the passenger seat

I said, I saw the f****** devil, 
you know what I mean?
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