'SPECIAL STAGE' 신한류 이끌 테마곡 'TO1'의 'Infinite City (Groundbreak Ver.)' 무대

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티오원 - 인피니트 시티 
(TO1 - Infinite City (Groundbreak Ver.))

TO1 <infinite city (groundbreak Ver.)> is released.
You can check it on '1st track of CJ live city'!
-Introduction :
‘Infinite City (Groundbreak Ver.)’ is the first theme song celebrating the groundbreaking of CJ LiveCity, where global fans from all around the world are able to enjoy K-Content vividly.

CJ LiveCity is ‘Live K-Content Experience Districts’, the major destination drawing global fans from all around the world.

The song begins with cool house rhythms leading to powerful sound of reed instruments at the chorus, enriching TO1’s vocal. It feels as if it is a live performance in a huge concert hall, full of energy.

‘Every day is a festival here’, ‘Let the City shine and move beyond the universe’. Such lyrics clearly resonate- they express CJ LiveCity’s aspiration to grow into an Infinite City transcending time and space through Metaverse, to which fans all around the world are eager to pay a visit.

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