Wallflower (Feat. Arnelle)

씨릴즈 (CeREELs) 2022.05.09 7
I see the way they look at me 
Think I don’t know it 
They whisper away 
I don’t care anyway 

Partying never gave me that instant high 
I’d rather be alone 
So much quieter on my own 
They say she’s strange but that never phased me 
Because I do it my way 
So let them hate, don’t need that energy 
Just leave me be 

I’d rather be a loner 
So let them judge away 
Stay in my room forever 
Just want to daydream all day 

I’d rather be a loner 
But if it’s you I’m ok 
To hang out for a little 
Maybe you’re not so bad 
Maybe it’s not so bad 
In the end
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