테림 (TE RIM) 2017.11.21 18
Face and back
Everybody's searching for hue
Ego, I don't know about you
Didn't you make it?
I don't even wanna hesitate
I'm in a phase of 
all the miseries, regrets
What did you wanna 
see from me?
A devil, or an angel?

I... Who am I?
(Creamy Nap 
Cult is chasing me, 
but life is inevitable)

Fighting with myself
I couldn't hide
Why couldn't I?
Too much I know
Now I can't open my heart
(Everywhere I go) 
I can’t open my heart


One fazed and dazed day,
I was driving down St. Glory
Spending time to get by
I was left, yes, you were right
You wanted to see...

But life is inevitable.
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