Jazz Foo Foo

윈터플레이 2017.12.15 106
This the Jazz Foo Foo Man
That' s right. 
I'm talking about the 
Platinum Korean Ginseng Jazz 

I walk the jazz and do the jazz 
and talk the jazz,
Cause the foo foo 
craziness thrives 
In the city of Seoul
This ain't no story bout 
kimchee baby
It's about the foo and the jazz 
and the 24/7 hustling life 

Hear me out Shoo ba doo doo
Foo Foo FooFoo Jazz 
Foo Foo FooFoo Jazz, Yeah 

Gotta say that if you wanna be
You wanna be
The Jazz king
With the Foo Foo 
And the high style
Like no other style 
that's been around 

Take a dive 
Right in the heart of 
Itaewon, Apkujong, 
And Feel The jazz, 
Feel the vibe, 
feel the foo foo foo

This ain't no 
gangnam style baby, 
That psy style
My style is the jazz style 

It's the vogue of 
every style of life, 
Jazz foo foo
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