차민 (Chamin) 2018.01.09 27
When the sun wakes up the
door opens,
and the night goes out
One by one the sound
of footsteps and smell
of cooking wafting
through the window

Chatting of lovely bustling
birds sitting somewhere
again today
The school bell rings across
the street, different scent
comes and goes like
clockwork in all season

Someone in a rush
and someone amble by
Goes out alone but returns
in two, many come
but leave alone

After cicadas take a thrill
along the path of bright
sunshine in the summer day
In the patches of shade ,
the wind, the time relishing
in there stay, whether it
rains or snows

The sound of dragging carts
and the rustling of plastic bags
Story of the shadows
and the scene where
dreams grow
Welcomed guests from the
sunset that looks to be red

A mundane story becomes
special, and reaches
wherever that is right
own place  
Whoever and whenever,
with open arms
and peace of mind
Residing in there stay
whether it hails or shines

When the sun falls asleep
the moon comes over
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