BIBLE BLACK (Feat. 박근홍 & 만쥬)

블랙 신드롬 2018.03.22 42
Take it or leave it.
Don't turn your back.
Searching for the answer.
You know my inside out.
Making my own day.
Your time is up.
Never be a loner.
Standing all alone...

I've gotta be the one that
I wish for
Write down on
my bible black.
Let us be the one as brother
Boned by the flesh
and blood...
You'd better answer!

Begging you to teach me.
It's tit for tat.
Even though you pass me.
What's done is done.
Just another full moon.
Tell me what you see.
Giving me the answer
I'm waiting for...
You'd better answer!

You'd better answer.
Oh you'd better answer.
Find some words  
Oh you'd better answer.
Find some words to
my bible black
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