How Beautiful (Feat. TAEK)

Summer Soul 2018.03.27 126
Why don't you stay
 until when I'm gone
I asked myself 
if that's my greed
Always want more of everything
'Cause I didn't know 
I didn't know
How beautiful
How beautiful
How beautiful

You don't have to try your best 
to keep yourself alive
Baby you just need to smile 
and say "my spirit never die"

아 이런 감정을 행복이라 할까
같이 있는 시간 속에 헤엄쳐
공간 속에 함께 너와 뒤섞여
함께할 때 나는 자꾸 눈물 나

You want to be with me
You want to sleep with me
Do you want to walk with me?
I like it this way


Oh everybody stares at 
you and me
The only thing I see now
I see now is you
Although you'll forget me 
one day my love
It's been a pleasure 
being with you
Being with you

(How beautiful)
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