Me In May

Elsa Kopf 2018.08.16 66
Is your lover your best friend  
Does he like to watch you dance  
By the flame of his desire like the candlelight  
That you light up in the dark  
When you wonder where you are  
When you find yourself in the mists of May  
Ooh, when the dance is through  
You turn back home  Racing cars  
Passersby  Paris in the rain  
Ouh when the night is blue  
Suddenly it's May  And I could give my heart away  
Is it me or is it may ?  
But the season's fading grey  
And I've got the urge for so 
mething that I've lost  
As I ran along the street  
In the morning summer heat  
When I met you  In the season of love  
Ooh, when the night is blue  
So are you...  In May  
I could give my heart away...
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