Divine Deception

바세린 (VASSLINE) 2018.08.24 45
The surface. You're fixated on.
Eyes are open, but still so blind.

Inside. Sealed up tight.
Useless struggle
against your nature.

This serpent's under 
my command.
She'll save you from
your vortex of agony.

Her venom is my blessing.
Silently, she will reach out to you.

Do not be suspicious, 
praise this pure violence.

Do not be suspicious,
worship these fangs and teeth.

This precious venom in your vein
is a cure for your pain.
This precious venom in your vein
is the only vaccine for your sorrow.

So just like that, 
believe what you hear,
what you see,
and what you know.

Be paralyzed, 
there'll be no sorrow,
no hatred, no happiness

You shall be forgiven.
Mankind, you fools.

You will not be forgiven.
You brought this on yourselves.
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