Colslaugh 2018.08.29 26
I'm Skinny Chase
cuz I'm "Skinny"
and I'm "Chasing" dreams
I'm kinda pissed
cuz you're cocky
when you intervene
You're telling me,
you gon be
on television screen
You think you're famous
the fuck is that supposed 
to mean
I guess I'm just another
rapper, supposedly
Now watch me dice you
into pieces Zatoichi
결과는 뻔해
난 니 속이 훤히 보이지
랩할때 마다
니 숨통을 잡고 조이지
Keyshia said
"Hearts can not
be broken even"
I'm whispering
my secrets to
my advocates
and demons
When Chase drop bars
razor sharp
and laser beamin
I'm the question to the
falsified prophets
you believe in
My role models
by white folks
I'm tryna think of
what else rhymes
with white folks
My flight goes over
tippy toes and tight ropes
You see the tiger stripes?
자꾸 쌓이고
Class is back in session
but 듣기 싫으면 말고
May I proceed cuz
I been back a while ago
You seem lost like
"Where the fuck is Waldo" 
Feel free to speak up,
눈까리는 깔고
Muthafucka, 엿이나 먹어
내가하는 말 다 받아적어
열심히 적어
I'm realer than most,
I'm as real as it gets

Chase didn't want
no breaks
in between our verses
Awkward silence kinda
like blind dates
when we meet in person
But this ain't Christian,
For lack of a better word
I'm hornier than mastodons
Rest my Megazord upon her
forehead, Black Ranger
of course
Except the way my accounts
set up, I can't afford
to Mighty Morph
I've overcome
more obstacles
than course, so don't you
force my hand
Liable to take my tribulations
out on any man
We don't match up
Monster Truck vs Mini Van
Carter and Lee on wax
invade your local
Chinese buffet like
"Where Juntao at"?
The perfect combination
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but I think I may have
mispronounced that
Well nevermind all that
this here is hip-hop
You the type of
cat to ask your
mom to front you a 10 spot
To pay your girl's way at your
showcase where
we hear pins drop
Meanwhile I been hot
Fresher than produce
in a Ziploc at Whole Foods
Take those who claim best
and alter they whole mood
You're a piece of candy
I might as well be soul food
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