Who I Am

Sam Ock 2018.12.18 58
I get up, I get down
It's the rhythm of my battle drum
I get up, I get down
I'mma struggle 'til the day is done

Every voice telling me
that I am thinking wrong
Change ya tune, change ya chord
 sing that other song
Little brother turned into
an insecure man
Any type of criticism make me
into "lesser than"
Never believed I could be right or be me
What is me? They just tell me
what I'm s'pposed to be
Gotta be a brand,
but I never really owned it for myself
Now I'm nebulous, I'm tired of it,
this stress my mental health
see my chaos and I know
I gotta speak into it
I see my apathy
I know I gotta battle ruthless
I know my Father look at me
and He is well pleased
the problem is that
I aint good enough for me
maybe the best thing for me is You
I know the pain will show the truth
maybe I am beautiful to You

*I just want to be myself
I just want to be myself today
Wanna know just who I am
I need you to help me understand

**Who I am is beloved
Who I am is more than what I've done
Who I am is worthy of some lovin
Who I am has really just begun
Who I am is a treasure
Who I am is royalty in blood
Who I am is a warrior for the kingdom
Who I am has really just begun

Nobody will know that
I'm speaking of my sweat and blood
Only hear they talk of blessings
coming down above
When my praises go up
the blessing come down
But my blessing is to keep me
low to the ground
The blessing is needing
more love than I ever knew
The blessing is knowing
there's nothing I can really do
The blessing is pain, adversity,
my own addiction
Cause if I didn't cry in need
then would I really listen ?
The blessing is losing
illusion of my control
The blessing is being betrayed
and you bleed slow
The blessing is to feel the discipline
of better love
There's better love than self love,
lovin' from the One
The only One who can take
all this craziness
The only Father good enough for
all the fatherless
I know that my pain it
clarifies the truth
that maybe I am beautiful to You
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