Little Girl

Sioen 2019.03.26 80
little girl
this world is waiting for us
light to shadows
behind the secret doors

do what you love
don’t wade in shallow waters
take a dive
try to cross your borders

little girl
the clock is ticking for us
from this very second 
on to the magic hours

do what you need to do
face the consequences
act your way
to the best of your knowledge

speak, speak your mind
share your thoughts
don't just mind your own business 

choose, choose your words
now don't get defensive

and fight, pick a fight
but stay polite
be open to those who differ

share your love
most of all
never hold back the love

little girl
this world is waiting for us
it's like a dance

in the mist of this early dawn
in the morning of a vivid dream
in this new beginning
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