Shut Up Malfoy (Feat. Don Mills & DJ Vamos)

Colslaugh 2019.05.03 17
I pop shots with the syllables
Give me a pair of 쌍절곤s
So I can beat him like pinatas
on a sycamore
I think I'm more prone to
paddle than a bulbosaur
A catapult cannon balling fools
to Singapore
Oh my God my Lord I'm walking
on a broken road
I think I'm jealous of these
rainbow rappers' unicorns
(Fuck the Gryffindors to me
you're like a Dumbledore)
Why thank you God,
I've never been appointed king before
I gots the magic, poof here
comes the rabbit
I'm not your typical cuz I sucked
at mathematics
I'm into making beats not
an anime fanatic
Stacking Yu-Gi-Oh collections
in my mama's attic
I'm piggy backing back to matching
rhymes with Dumbledore
Abracadabra now you can't take
a piss alone
Skinny Chase는 혼자서도 똥만 잘싸고
출동준비 Mark Antoniio Geronimo!

Lyrical wizardry
Eats more ass than human centipedes
With a magic Don wand long enough
to vanquish enemies
From LA to Zaire and back
You lack the attributes to match up
to the Harry
Whodini of MC'ing
Disappear your CD into oblivion pendulum
to my right
Now time is literally on my side
Provide like minds with a mystery box
full of tight lines
Dissect them and put them bitches
back together
to formulate dope rhymes
For my final trick proceed to make record
hits without a cosign
We so far underground we ain't
on the map but this
Watch me Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao
now you cease to exist
Or I'll reach with my fist connect so quick
If you blink you will miss
And your tracks they don't hit
What's a roundhouse to my
bicycle kicks (Woah)
I'm in a top hat and a cloak
While I recite what I wrote
Hoping to God one of you pawns get
ballsy enough to try and provoke
I'll rap crop circles
Around you rap Urkels
Get your wind up
I'll Wizard Kelly niggas make it
so you can't see shit from his chin up

I can't see! I can't see!
Who goes there?
Holy shit, it's Don Mills

나야 나 Don Mills야 나
야 아나 저기 볼드모트 왔다 임마
연락을 저기 받으면 받을수록
못 받으면 또 못 받는다고
그렇게 또 얘기를 해주면 될 것을
아니 저기 야 저기
말포이 저기
야 그놈 새끼 어딨어
말포이 새끼
야 임마 하 참나
그 저 빗자루 타느라 정신이 없는 앤데
내가 왔으면
“여기 왔다” 엉? “오셨어요?” 하고 이렇게
해줘야 되는 거지 그 인지상정
그런 것도 모르면서 네가 뭐
말포이라고 저기 까불어 대
아 뭐 저기 일단 저 저 됐고
나 저 여기 Don Mills인데
나 여기 왔어요 (Hello)
앱에서 영상보기
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