Moon Light

오버헤드 (Overhead) 2019.05.14 34
You and Me were in the same class.
It was my first field trip with you.
It was a sunny and nice weather.
You were so beautiful 
under bright sun light.

I have been watching at you from behind.
I really wanted to say hello to you.
You didn't even aware of me at all.
You were so lovely that 
the other girls were just back ground.

Wish I could be 
a something of your memories tonight.
I really wish to talk to you 
in front of your face.
strange as it seems 
I am allways behind your back.
Every single chances 
just passing by me.

Maybe there's nothing I can do.
All I can do is just staring at you.
I am walking toward 
never changing moonlight.
Tonight everything 
will be the same as before.
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