Baby Million Miles (With Pianist 이수빈)

호란 (Horan) 2019.09.16 41
Love the colors of you
The distant feelings so true
Lazy summer window  
Brings your song to me baby
Love the things that you do
Ways you make me sound too
Though I'm never with you
I know you're there for me baby
And every time I play the song 
I know you're there
you're everywhere
So each and every time 
I sing I think of you
The ways that you
Complete me
So hear me now
this song is just for you babe
It's funny how you move me
with your touch
Although I know we'll never be together
Somewhere between the lines
I hide some little signs

see I can see you
though we're a million miles apart
I wish that I could tell you
that it's only you
it's always you
When I say you
But only do
I meet you in my secret dreams
And by all means
I leave you
So hear me now
this song is just for you babe
And then somehow
you'll get to understand
The feelings I'm bold enough to hide
Somewhere between the lines
With just some little signs
My baby Million Miles
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