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Let's have fun with our times table!
Count by twos!
Two! Four! Six!
Eight! Ten! Twelve!
Fourteen! Sixteen! Eighteen!
Twenty! Twenty two! Twenty four!
Count by threes!
Three! Six! Nine!
Twelve! Fifteen! Eighteen!
Twenty one! Twenty four! 
Twenty seven!
Thirty! Thirty three! Thirty six!
Count by fours!
Four! Eight! Twelve!
Sixteen! Twenty! Twenty four!
Twenty eight! Thirty two! Thirty six!
Forty! Forty four! Forty eight!
Count by fives!
Five! Ten! Fifteen!
Twenty! Twenty five! Thirty!
Thirty five! Forty! Forty five!
Fifty! Fifty five! Sixty!
Count by sixes!
One, two, three, four!
Six! Twelve! Eighteen!
Twenty four! Thirty! Thirty six!
Forty two! Forty eight! Fifty four! 
Sixty! Sixty six! Seventy two!
Count by sevens!
Seven! Fourteen! Twenty one!
Twenty eight! Thirty five! Forty two!
Forty nine! Fifty six! Sixty three!
Seventy! Seventy seven! Eighty four!
Count by eights!
Eight! Sixteen! Twenty four!
Thirty two! Forty! Forty eight!
Fifty six! Sixty four! Seventy two!
Eighty! Eighty eight! Ninety six!
Count by nines!
Nine! Eighteen! Twenty seven!
Thirty six! Forty five! Fifty four!
Sixty three! Seventy two! Eighty one!
Ninety! Ninety nine! 
One hundred eight!
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