KITH 2020.05.26 29
You play your own game,
I knew his name, you took the blame okay?
Your thoughts were of him,
I gave you my all,
falling into the dark start of us
You called me your best friend,
and then call me at night,
saying you don’t have the time
'cause why you don’t see me,
'cause why you can’t stay,
it’s because you always seem not fine.
'cause you, I gave you my all
but you don’t seem to mind,
baby... baby... baby
You say, you’re giving your all,
and I keep giving you time...
what can I do or say.
You don’t have the time, I give you my all,
which is why,
just why they say just why I’m falling
'cause I give you my all,
but now you don’t call,
and I keep feeling the same but

you say you’re okay,
so what do I do,
'cause you, cause you just rip me up.

'cause I made up my mind,
'cause you give me hope about it,
hope and some more...

Doo doo doo
You, I give you time, yes I give my all.
Yes I... yes I, yes I, just... you,
I give my time, and I’ve made up my mind,
alright, that’s right, yeah.
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