Crong and Aliens

뽀로로 2020.06.18 736
One day on a dark night  
Crong aliens came down
All looking just like
Crong  Where did they come from?  
Just showed up with a spaceship, 
the Crong aliens
You and I look the same
from head/ down to toes

We flew right here from far away
outer space to meet you, Crong
Aliens and Crong All looking like Crong 
Alright, let’s go We all get along

It’s so great with you no matter
what we do together

We don’t need to say what we want
We already know you 
e know how you feel
Get together all my friends
No matter who you are
I’ll be your best friend 
I’ll be your best friend
(Crong Crong!)
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