New Friend Song (새친구송)

투니버스 2020.08.19 46
Kids, what kind of friends 
Should we make?
Me first! 
You can’t say Okay without KAY!

I'm really good at saying, OK
Hard to solve puzzles are, OK
Let's have some fun, OK
I'm OK, OK! OK!
I'm OK with anything!

Now it's my turn!
It's Alp!!

I'm really good at saying
“I’ll help you!”
Hard to solve puzzles
“I’ll help you!”
Not so fun cleaning up
“I’ll help you!”
I’ll help you, help you!
I’ll help you!
We always say
“OK, we’ll help!”
When you call
“OK, we’ll help!”
Always OK, we’ll help you 
OK, we'll help you
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