Street Of Blue

권상진 트리오 2020.12.09 11
권상진 트리오 [Street Of Blue]

Produced by 권상진
Composed by 권상진 (Track 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
All Songs Arranged by 권상진, 김지명, 조건재
All Song Performed by 권상진, 김지명, 조건재
Vocal by 정윤정 (Track 2)
Recording Engineer 김지엽
Mixed by 김지엽 at Delight Sound
Mastered by 황병준 at Soundmirror Korea
Film Director 류빈영
Artwork by We are not 0
Record 2019.12.19 in 음악역1939
2020.02.27 in 음악역1939
2020.07.30 in 이음사운드
2020.09.06 in VTG Studio
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