Colorful Medicine

뽀로로 2021.01.28 203
What kind of medicine would you like?

Strawberry flavor medicine please
Strawberry flavor pills
Strawberry flavor syrup 
Strawberry flavor powder 
I love strawberry flavor
(Mmm~ tastes sweet!)

Lemon flavor medicine please
Lemon flavor pills 
Lemon flavor syrup 
Lemon flavor powder I love lemon flavor
(Ah sour~!)

Watermelon flavor medicine please
Watermelon flavor pills 
Watermelon flavor syrup 
Watermelon flavor powder 
I love watermelon flavor
(Yummy Crong~!)

Grape flavor medicine please
Grape flavor pills
Grape flavor syrup
Grape flavor powder I love grape flavor
(I want some more~!)

Orange flavor medicine please
Orange flavor pills
Orange flavor syrup
Orange flavor powder I love orange flavor
(Wow~ so sweet and sour~)
(Don’t forget to take your 
medicine on time~!)

Colorful medicine, it tastes so good
Strawberry, lemon flavor! 
Watermelon, grape flavor!
Sweet and sour orange flavor! 
Good job everyone!
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