Pillow (Song by SunBee (선비))

M Relaxing 2021.03.30 8
That's my pillow which is soft
That's been billowed by some cotton balls
That is below my lying head
That's my fellow for long time

That's my pillow who knows how I sleep
That's my pillow who makes me feel at home 
That is my pillow who knows my secrets
That is my pillow who takes my teardrops 

넌 나의 베개 참 부드러운
넌 나의 베개 솜이 꽉 찬
넌 나의 베개 내 머리 밑에
넌 나의 베개 내 오랜 친구

넌 나의 베개 내 잠버릇을 아는
넌 나의 베개 날 편안하게 하는
넌 나의 베개 나의 비밀을 아는
넌 나의 베개 내 눈물을 받는

I wanna be a dwarf to meet my friends
in my pillow There are cotton ball houses 
and fuzz mountains on the fluffy land
It's like snowy all around
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