Pororo and Petty's Sports Battle

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I’m at Pororo Sports Stadium now.
The audience is buzzing with excitement. 
Look! Here come today’s players Pororo and Petty. 
It’s going to be a great match today. 
Let the first game begin! 

White, white small ball 
Red, red stitches 
Throw, throw, throw the ball 
Wha~ck the baseball!

 Wow! Home run~! 
Petty hits the ball Pororo throws.
And she’s safe! Petty wins the first game! 

Orange, orange big ball 
Black, Black stripy ribs 
Bounce, bounce, bounce the ball
Swish~ Goes the basketball!

Ahhh! Pororo with the dunk!
It’s like he’s flying out there. 
Penguins can’t fly! What’s going on? 
Pororo is the winner! 

Green, green small ball
White, white curvy lines 
Toss, toss, toss it up
Serve the tennis ball 

: Petty with the strong smash! 
Oh no, the ball is stuck in the ground.
 It won’t be easy to get it out. 
Petty with the come-from-behind victory~!

White, white pentagons 
Black, black pentagons 
Kick, kick, kick the ball 
Shoot the/ soccer ball!

Pororo!! Shoot~!!! Goal!!!! 
It’s in!! Pororo and Petty are tied. 
It’s a very close game~!! 
Who’s going to be the winner today? 

White, red baseball
Orange, black basketball
Green, white tennis ball
White, black soccer ball 

White, red baseball,
Orange, black basketball
Green, white tennis ball
White, black soccer ball 

  After the intense matches, the final winner is~~?
: Oh, no! Both players get red cards 
and are kicked out!
Dear, dear! Cheating is not okay! 
You shouldn’t do that! This is Harry! 
Signing off! Pop~!
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