We're Off to School

뽀로로 2021.07.21 122
Everyone wake up it’s time to go to school
Come on hurry! Get ready to go
Make yourself neat and tidy Eat a hearty breakfast, too
Finally now I can say those special words

Ah~ If I go to school  
I can learn so many Cool and interesting things 
Good friends will be all around you 
I can be anything I want if I go to school

Finally today is my first day at school
Everything! Will be strange and new
How should I greet everyone? Will they end up liking me?
What about the teacher wonder what she’s like

Ah~ Pit-a-pat our hearts go flutter
I can’t wait For the day to start I am so happy 
Let’s go see who will be our new friend
All our dreams will come true at school for you and for me

Finally today is my first day at school
I must hurry! And go get ready
Wear a backpack over shoulder and a smile in our face
Let’s walk along together With huge brave heart

Together with friends we’re on our way to school  
Our footsteps! Are light and so happy
Singing a song together holding hands we walk along
A place where we can learn most anything
A place full of fun and wonderment
A place where all dreams will come true
Let’s go to school
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