The Cool Cicadas and Stag Beetles

뽀로로 2021.09.14 410
Memmm memmm 
That loud noise means 
hot summer's coming (What? What?)
Who has that high and loud voice? (Who?)
It's us the cool cicadas 
We are the coolest insects 
We are the greatest singers
Memmm, mem mem mem 
The best voice 
Your friends, the cicadas

Pointy pointy 
Long strong jaws 
As awesome as antlers (Awesome! Awesome!)
Who has these nice big jaws? (Who?)
It's us the stag beetles
We are the coolest insects 
We have the most powerful bites 
Pointy pointy long massive jaws 
Your friends, the stag beetles

Your cool insect friends (Yay!)
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