Siera 2021.10.07 1
I really don't understand

What are you so uncomfortable with?

You somehow find an excuse

I'm really sad and worried about you

Hey, listen carefully, the different between 
you and me is

You don't have to think hard

When you're busy laughing and playing

I thought 'how can I do better'

Sometimes I couldn't even sleep

I’m different from you

There's nothing worse than you

I'm not happy like you

I can not live like you

Yeah, what's the use of my words?

I don't think you're gonna change

I’m gonna go higher

I’m gonna go higher

I dont care

No matter what anyone says

I dont stop

No matter who gets in my way

I am fine

No matter how hard things happen

I can do

whatever I want to achieve

No matter how hard things happen

whatever I want to achieve

That's funny, I think you're stupid

You haven't done anything yet

But what do you want so much now ?

Please don't change,I respect you
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