Halloween Monster Under the Bed

로티프렌즈 2021.10.25 53
“I think there’s something under my bed.
Ugh.....Is it a monster?”

Who is under my bed?
It looks like a Halloween monster
An enormous shadow scaring me, scaring me
“Ahhh~ Go away!” 

“Uh? It’s not true~”
Look at me, I’m a cute little dust monster under your bed		
Please don’t be afraid of me 
I’ll keep you safe until the morning comes	
“It’s a dust monster !” 

I’m a lonely Halloween monster
But now I have a good friend
I’m so lovely, am I not, am I not?

Oh, I’m not scared anymore of the monster under my bed
“He’s my friend!”
And from now on, you’re my best friend
You are my best friend in the world
“Good night~”

Dream a sweet dream with me
You and I, on Halloween night
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