Knocking On

Janet Suhh (자넷서) 2021.10.27 126
knocking on
here again

here you stand
once again

I'm sorry don't know what I've done
leaving everything behind  
I'm falling down

all this time
you were standing there

And I can feel
the wave, has come

here my voice in heart
here I shout again
but I hear no sound

moments that we had
was gone
or I thought
or that should've been  
stayed in the past
I can not
control my heart
cuz I don't know how

still in my air
I'm still in doubt
what's in my heart
never knew that I'll
face it again

I've let you down 
do you know
we've had our last

well I've let you go
and have made a choice
I don't know
if this is even love

and I don't know if I
can make a choice
little that I know
We are, and we were
But you're here
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