Pororo's Animal Hospital

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It’s the perfect day for a walk!
Woof, woof

Oh? Watch out!
Heeee... (whimpers)
Where iswhere is ananimal hospital?
Here it ishere it is How do you do?

Little puppy come on in Are you hurt?
He fell downon the ground and hurt his leg
Hmm... Let me see...
Oh no, you did hurt your leg
I’ll help you out!
Let me put onlet me put ona bandage
Wrap, wrap, wrapwrap aroundyour poor leg

Little puppyare you readyfor medicine?

Hahaha good boy, you did great
He’s going to be all right soon
Thank you, doctor
Puppy: Woof, woof

Woof, woof!

Oh? Be careful!
Heeee.... (whimpers)
Where iswhere is a veterinarian?
Here I amhere I am Pororo, the vet

Little puppycome on inAre you hurt?
He was bumped on his head, on his head
Hmm... Let me see
Oh no, you did hurt your head
I’ll make it better
Let me put on let me put on yellow ointment
Rub, rub, rub rub it on your poor head
t’s all done Good job Are you okay?
(Woof, woof)
Hahaha good boy, you did great
Be careful stay safe little puppies

Thank you so much doctor Pororo!
(Woof, woof!)
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