Poco's Morning

꼬마버스 타요 2022.01.20 16
Friends, it’s morning

In the morning our Poco
Spreads his arms and stretches wide
Bright sunlight shines on the site
Sunlight smiles to us all
Step on the ground, dance around, 
dance around
 Dance round and round

When white clouds arrive on the sky,
Puffy puffy on blue sky
Poco dances round and round, 
And the friends sing out loud
My heart floats like a cloud 
and flows on the sky

Oh! Hello, flower seed?

When you water the little bud
Pretty flower blooms
Enduring harsh rain and 
wind the strong bud blossoms wide 
Silently arriving pretty flowers 
fill the whole town

Little buses and little friends
Welcome friends! Say hello!
Refreshing morning, smile brightly 
at each other to friends
Lalalalala Lalalalala Lalalala
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