Happy Chuseok

로티프렌즈 2022.05.18 45
Guys, let’s make wishes on the moon!
Dear moon, dear moon brightly you shine
Listen to my wish and make it come true
And now it’s time to make songpyeon!

Rice skins filled with beans and sesame
Look whose songpyeon looks the best
Yummy yummy chewy chewy
It’s yummy Chuseok, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Oh, I’m so full! 

Playing Tuho and Jegichagi
Come on! Who’s gonna be the winner?
Ha ha ho ho, let’s play together
It’s fun Chuseok, yeah, yeah, yeah!

My songpyeon is not pretty 
And I’m not good at Jegichagi…. 
Come on, Bevely! 
Then how about playing 
Ganggangsullae together?

Holding hands, say Ganggangsullae 
Go around, go around in a circle
All together, say Ganggangsullae 
It’s happy Chuseok, yeah, yeah, yeah 

Happy Chuseok, everyone!
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