Together, Pororo Taekwon Dance

뽀로로 2022.08.11 335
(Hello, friends! Welcome to Pororo Taekwondo!)

Let us all greet one another and say
Hello, Hello, hi hello, my friends
Let us also greet our teacher, hello
Put your hands together, say hello 

First thing to do is warm up (Start!)
Altogether with energy (One! Two! Three! Hey!)
Stretch your arms way up to the sky (Stretch!)
Higher, higher, up, up, up (Taekwon!)

Altogether, Pororo Taekwondo
Hands held in fists, stand at the ready
Altogether, let us do Taekwondo
Legs apart, do the riding stance (Ha!)

Do a low block and a trunk block (Hiya!)
and a trunk punch too (Ha!)
Knife hand strike, Knife hand block (Hiya!)
A powerful front kick (Taekwon!)

Altogether, Pororo Taekwondo
With a loud voice, let out a Kihap (Ha!)
Altogether, let us do Taekwondo
Let’s do it, Taekwondo
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