911 Ghost

다인 (Dhyne) 2022.08.24 3
Nine eleven
The time she feels love
My body’s clock started singing like ‘ring ring’
New attitude up 
The bad boy’s mode
Only rose,
All I need only flow

Look the lil lotus
He got the blue fire

Tune was profiler
Cause she wanted to hard play on the bed
I sipped lit, spread it in her mouth
This gasoline made she jump on the mine

Party on the fire
I was like mode of rider

Night light cross the zone
It s like a spider
Everyone’s fire
Everyone’s rider

All I need was only fucking gas and the lighter
Turned out this corner and filled up full of gas
cause I got the street
leaved spark on the site

wanna tryna’ crazy til’ lose eye sight
never used the break

Just rollin’ up the car
Rollin’ rollin’ up like zombies
never dies my spirits
I can fly with no wings

I’m the fukcing hostlies
It s called such lighting
It s called such hyper real
When I got the jumping
I could see all eyes on me

Ice cold in my heart, left chest, k flag
If you tryna’ stunt me take your surrender

Lets sing this song for all of my friends
watch this god 
how gets all up in your head
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