Buzz Buzz! The Mosquito Song

뽀로로 2022.09.15 186
Here I am! Buzz buzz
Mosquito Mosquito
Found my target! Buzz buzz
Mosquito Mosquito
I want to eat yummy blood
Mosquito Mo-mosquito

Hey guys, it’s time to party! Hahaha!

Whine whine whine
Mosquito (Mosquito)
Flying, flying around
Mosquito (Mosquito)
Buzz buzz buzz
Mosquito (Mosquito)
Mosquito! Mosquito!
It’s a mosquito party!

Itchy itchy! It’s so itchy
Tickle tickle! It’s so tickly
Scratch scratch! It’s so itchy
Scratch hard Scratch hard
Scratching all through out the night
Toss and turn and scratch scratch

In my ear, buzz buzz (Aw, man!)
Itchy itchy itchy, it’s so itchy
All through the night, buzz buzz (Be quiet)
I keep on scratching
I can’t help it!

Aaah! What is it?
Whine whine whine 
Mosquito (Oh! They found me!)

Flying flying around 
Mosquito (Am I annoying yet?)
Buzz buzz buzz
Mosquito (Catch me if you can)
Mosquito Mosquito
Buzz buzz! Run away

I will get you, bad mosquitoes!!

Here he is! Superhero
Pororo has arrived
Let’s go transform
Cool mask, red cape

Mosquito swatter! And repellant!
Bad mosquito! Stay right there!

Crong, let’s work together!
Crong crong”

Here and there spray everywhere (Aaah)
Surround the mosquito all around (Save me)
Buzz buzz buzz Mosquito (Spray everywhere!)

Mosquito Mosquito
We caught all the bad mosquitoes!

Success! We caught the mosquitoes!
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