What's at the Zoo?

로티프렌즈 2022.09.26 15
Da-li-la-li-la-la Where shall we go?  
Da-li-la-li-la-la Over there !

What’s at the zoo?
There are lions
There are elephants
There are pandas 
There are monkeys
Hippos and giraffes, too
Wow, it’s amazing ! 

What’s in my house?
There’s a living room  
There’s a kitchen
There’s a bathroom 
There’s a garage
And there is my family
I love my family !

Let’s go over there !

What’s at my preschool?
There are books 
There are toys
There’s a piano 
There’s a playground
And there are my friends
Come on, guys ! Let’s play !

What’s at the market?
There are onions 
There are carrots
There are apples 
There are bananas,
And meat and fish, too 
Wow ! I want to buy them all ! 

Now let’s go over there !
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