A Baby Shark in the Egg

꼬마버스 타요 2023.09.07 283
Mommy shark: My dear baby~ sleep tight~
Tayo and Rani will look after you
while Mommy goes out hunting~
Don’t you worry~ We will watch carefully!
See you soon!
Mommy Shark: Ok, I am counting on you guys~
Shark in the egg~
The baby shark
Peaceful, peaceful
It is sleeping
In a bag-shaped
egg sac it lays
Restful, restful
It is slee~ping

Shark in the egg~
The baby shark
Stirring, stirring
It says hello
From a circle
shaped pocket,
it takes in its

Shark in the egg~
The baby shark
Wiggle, wiggle
It is moving
With string shaped gills,
i~t go~es
Puffy puffy
it is brea~thing

Look here! The gills are going further and further 
inside its body~
It’s so neat

Shark in the egg~
The baby shark
Stre~tch, stre~tch
It is stretching
With its stri~pes,
its awesome stripes,
it awakes
from inside the egg

(SE: Bell chime)
Wow~ The baby shark hatched from the egg!
It’s so cute!
(SE: Mommy shark swimming)
Mommy shark: (emotional) 
Oh~ When did you get so big, baby?
Baby shark: (cuddling up to mom) 
Mommy~ I missed you!

Baby shark and
Mommy shark
Lived happily ever af~~ter!

(Mom/Baby shark laughing sound)
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