Fox's Summer Vacation

로티프렌즈 2024.03.15 10
What are you doing, fox?
It’s so cold here 
I’ll go on a trip to a warm country!
Oh, happy hot summer
Summer, summer, I love it
I’ll jump, jump into the water 
And swim, swim, swim around!
Fresh tropical fruit
Sweet fruit, oh, I love it
I’ll make some yummy smoothie 
And drink, drink, drink!
Oh, yeah!
Yeoreum for Summer 
Suyeong for Swimming
Yeoldae for Tropical 
Yeolmae for Fruit
Flying kites on a hill
Oh, it’s so fun, I love it 
Love it!
I’ll fly an octopus kite with eight long arms
Stars twinkling in the sky
Oh, I love to see them 
Love it!
And I will write a letter to my friend 
who’s far away
Yeon for Kite 
Yeodeol for Eight
Byeol for Star
Pyeonji for Letter
What are you doing, fox?
Packing up my things to go back home! 
See you!
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