He doesn't see

루빈 (Ruvin) 2012.04.03 4
the morning has come, 
but there's one room still in dark
he doesn't need light, 
there is nothing 
that he wants to or needs to see
all the pieces 
of the world are going back to their places
but he's still in dark. 
he has an empty glass and one cigarette

nobody finds him, 
and he finds no one anymore
the wind of the city, 
it comes through the window
and he just listens to the sound,
he just listens to the sound 
though he can't understand

there is crying,
there is fighting, 
they are angry
but who knows the reason 
why they are doing so
and they want somebody 
to love and to blame
but who know the reason 
why they are doing so
and he doesn't see

the only thing 
that he wants 
deep silence can make him sleep
he's walking toward the wind 
and closing the window
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