All That I Can Say

You've parted the veil,
invite me to come closer
I'm boldly drawing nearer
before Your throne of grace
I've stepped across the
threshold into the Holiest
of Holies
Your beauty now
surrounds me, immersed
within Your glory

And all that I can say,
all that I can do
Surrender all I am,
live and die for You
I'm caught up in Your love,
carry me away
For me to live is Christ,
to die is only gain

One thing have I desired,
delight myself in You
You're all I've ever wanted,
all I need is You

You melt the past away,
You wipe away the tears
Immersed within Your glory,
You've cast out all my fear
Heaven is my home,
You're just a prayer away
I'll run this race with
Your joy until I see You face
(face to face)

I love You
It's all for You
I'm living for Your glory
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