Diary Film (Teaser)

ATEEZ (에이티즈) 2020.07.09 74
29th of July. Weather is clear.

One adult asked me. 

“What is your dream?”
As if my dreams explained who I am... 
When I said I had no dream, 
the look on the adult’s face was 
like to the child with no name. 
The look was familiar to me.  

Though studying wasn’t 
much of my taste, I tried my best. 
Parents were fond of joy,
when I brought good grades to them. 
Walking on the same 
path at the same time, 
I continued my life 
with no expression.

Many books tell me, look at the stars 
in the night sky and become 
the person who shines bright 
like those stars. But, the stars that 
I looked up in the sky did not shine at all. 
So, I continue to walk, 
looking down on the floor. 

Suddenly, a strange thing 
happened to me. As I was walking, 
a child came up to me and 
started talking to me. “
There is nothing on the floor to look at,
raise your head up.” 
This child was a bit weird. 
The child looked at me
with a bright smile and had 
a pure glow from its face but, 
it seems like this child had 
the same expression on its eyes as me.

From that moment, 
we started to hang out a few times.
Turning up the music and 
dancing together was the most
exciting part of our hangouts. 
For the first time, I actually felt alive. 
Hearts pounding like it is about 
to burst out and this tingling 
feelings coming up from 
my fingertips started to take over me. 
Was there a moment 
when I wanted something this bad?

One by one, more children 
started to say my name. 
The path that I only walked 
with one another person became
a path to many. Slowly, 
the word ‘I’ became ‘ours.’

Wandering around with 
this unknown fever,
as we looked above our heads, 
stars seem to shine bright. Today.
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