Learn the Shark Names Song

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Yo! Let’s learn shark names together with Tayo!!
I say Sha! You say Ark!

Ark !

The first shark today is~ a shark as fast as a car!

With a sleek body (yo!) Powerful ta~il (yo!)
Who~ is the fastest sha~rk?
It’s the blue shark! (yeah!)
Next is the tooth brushing, brushing shark!
Brush it brush it (hey!) Brushing teeth so clean (hey!)
Who~ is the tooth-brushing shark?
It’s the gray reef sha~rk! (yeah!)

Next up is the expert hiding shark!

With a flat body (yo!) with spotted patterns (yo!)
Which shark is the expert hider?
The carpet shark! (yeah!)

Next are the sharks that hunt in packs!
The shark with the tip (hey!) of the fin that’s black (hey!)
That likes to go hunting in packs
They are called the blacktip shark (yeah!)

Mic check! It’s my turn now to introduce!
The shark that lives the longest life! (Come on!)

Lives in the Arctic (yo!) A very big shark (yo!)
Who is the grandfather sha~rk?
It is the Greenland shark (yeah!)

Next up is the walking shark!

It walks on the ground (hey!) Interesting shark (hey!)
Who’s the shark that walks on the ground?
The Epaulette shark (yeah!)

Next is the shark whose teeth grow back in!

Powerful ta~il (yo!) and very sharp teeth (yo!)
With new teeth that always grow in
It’s the sa~nd tiger shark (yeah!)

: Now the last shark! The one that looks like a hammer!

With eyes spread apart wide (hey!) 
Shark with the hammer head (hey!)
Who’s the shark that’s always dancing?
The hammerhead sha~rk (yeah!)

Hey all you shark friends shala shala sha
So diverse and so attractive
Sha~rks in the ocean!

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