My Lord God Almighty (Eng Ver.)

라스트 (LAST) 2018.10.16 39
God almighty is the Lord 
You are my God
There is nothing you can't do 
With your strength 
You are listening to us Lord 
All our cries and 
thoughts you know Lord 
Every single hope and dream 
belongs to you my Lord 
God almighty You are Lord
The faithful One
Yes you can change all of our 
pain and all our sorrows
For you nothing is impossible 
For you raise 
the dead to life again 
None can overcome the 
pow'r of you our Mighty God. 
I believe the words of my Lord 
Lay my net down into the sea
All will see 
your awesome works 
We lift our hands 
to praise Your Name 
Listen to the words of my Lord
Let your net down into the sea
There's nothing you can't do 
If you believe. (x2)
Throw - your net down 
deep - into -the waters now
Throw your net - down -
If you - believe in - me 
When you were all on your own
There was nothing in your net
But with me you will 
Be Saving men with these.
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