Dawn (Feat. Leo Z)

엘리케이 (Elli K) 2020.01.07 81
In the wake of my walk beside you
I’ve known the depth of virtue
Though we go on alone, we’ve spoken
All the words of our love unbroken

I have written on my heart
The part you’ll carry
For eternity

From the depth of the sea between us
I have seen no cold nor weakness
I believe we are bound in parting
By the love we have found, my darling

You have come to know
My soul the part you’ll hold
For eternity

Together we found our wings
Let only the sky divide us
Beyond what our eyes can see
Still the heart beats

The roots of our love run deep
No matter how the earth may shake us
My love, I let go in peace
As I will know you

For eternity
For eternity

I will never know a light brighter
Than the one we have grown together
With the dawn of our days fading
We are no longer one
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