BLAME (Teaser)

John OFA Rhee 2021.03.25 14
If the world it keeps on changing
And the wind’s blow at their pace
If the skies have different seasons
How come I remain the same?

I tried throwing out all my habits
I tried cutting down the pain
Though at times I do feel different
How come I still feel unchanged?

You gladly took all my worries
You embraced every single shame
Yet I’m still asking for more money
And I’m still asking for more fame

You say “John tell me, what’s the hurry?”
Talk with me, take it day by day
Even if you find it hard to believe me
You’d be the last one I would blame

Another day, another beginning
Come what may, oh here I stand
Though I’m fighting 
through a losing battle
You have the war right in Your hands

Your love who am I to fathom
One could hear, never understand
Though I’m filled 
with unanswered questions
I’ll be searching right until the end

You made me a part of Your story
You extinguished every flame
Yet when my lips shout “For Your glory”
I’m still peeking at my name

You say John it’s alright take it easy
Walk with me, tell me bout your day
Even if you chose again to leave me
You’d be the last one I would blame
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