Fish Tank

Offing 2021.08.26 6
You’re saying
Can I know
more about you please

Oh hey hey 
Don’t get me bad
There’s no room for you

Do you understand?
No you don’t 
Cause you don’t let me go - uh oh yeah 

나는 그냥 혼자 있고 싶어
외로움은 개나 줬다지 (멍멍)
나를 찾는 사람들 많아도
내가 진짜 웃을 수는 없는 걸
It’s so tired to smile for a while, you know 
It’s only for the allowed ones, not you

Sorry you might get it wrong
I don’t need friends anymore
Waiting for you to leave me alone

만약 나를 좋아한다면
커다란 수족관의 물고기처럼
그냥 나를 헤엄치게 내버려 둬
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