Do the Sea Animal Dance

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Wow, It’s the sea!
Huh? What are you doing, Crong?
Crong crong~
What? There’s an animal?

Come on, let’s follow the little crab
Copy the little crab  
Put up your crab claws and do the crab dance
Your claws go clack clack
To the side, clack clack
And that’s the crab dance

Come on, let’s follow the seagull
Copy the seagull
Fly like the seagull and do the seagull dance
Wings go flap flap
Up and down, flap flap
And that’s the seagull dance

Clack clack!
Flap flap!

Come on, let’s follow the turtle
Copy the turtle
Crawl like the turtle and do the turtle dance
Turtle shell, slowly 
Crawling slowly 
And that’s the turtle dance

Come on, let’s follow the octopus
Copy the octopus 
Sway like the octopus and do the octopus dance
Whole body, mushy mushy
Black ink, shoot shoot
And that’s the octopus dance 

Slowly slowly~

Mushy mushy~ Shoot shoot!

Huh? It’s a dolphin!

Come on, let’s follow the dolphin
Copy the dolphin
Jump like the dolphin and do the dolphin dance 
Singing, whistle whistle
Swimming, splash splash
And that’s the dolphin dance

Come on, let’s follow the sea animals
Copy the sea animals 
Let’s all do the sea animal dance
Wave your hands side to side
Move your feet left to right
And that’s the sea animal dance

It’s so much fun copying the sea animals!
Crong Crong~
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