We Love Summer

뽀로로 2022.09.15 360
Crong~ Crong crong! 
What? You don’t like summer? But summer is awesome!
Listen carefully!

Hot hot summer 
Happy happy summer

I don’t like summer because it’s too hot
If that’s the case, you can play in the water
I don’t like sweating because I’m sticky 
If that’s the case, you can just turn on the fan

I can’t drink hot chocolate when it’s too hot
Hot chocolate? No! Iced chocolate, yes!

Hmph! Crong crong~
You still don’t like summer? Then keep on listening!

Let me tell you why I love summer
I love the sparkling blue summer ocean

I can surf all day, catching the waves
Make sandcastles, watch seagulls fly

If it’s hot, I like to turn on the fan 
and enjoy yummy ice cream

Don’t you like it too, Crong? 
Crong crong~

The reason why we love summer so much 
is because we have our friends to play with

All of our friends will love summer, too 
because we can have fun all together 

Cool cool summer
We love summer

Crong! Now do you like summer?
Crong crong~
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